Conditions of Use
I. General Conditions

1.-shop, located on the web at allows you to make purchases via the Internet.

2 Shop is run by the company:

CERAMICS Wholesale Building Materials
Zdzislaw Święczkowski
ul. Baranowicka 144, 15-517 Bialystok

Tax PL5420305826

3 Address for correspondence:

CERAMICS Wholesale Building Materials
Zdzislaw Święczkowski
ul. Baranowicka 144, 15-517 Bialystok

4 Purchase online store constitutes acceptance of these Rules.

II. Procedure for the submission and execution of orders

5 Order can be made by using the product added to the cart and then through the "Order".
To be able to correctly perform the procedure order, you will need to establish a user account with which you can also watch the status of the contract.

6 The basic condition for the realization of purchases is correct filling the contact details along with a valid, existing e-mail address and telephone number at which you can confirm your order.

7 Order can be placed 24 hours a day throughout the year. Orders placed on weekdays after hours. 13:00, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays - will be carried out the next working day.

8 In the event of circumstances preventing full or part-time execution of the contract, the company CERAMICS reserves the right to suspend the execution of the contract - with the situation agree to immediately notify the Employer.

9. Orders improperly filled with contact details (e-mail does not exist, or no phone) will not be considered.

10th Company CERAMICS reserves the right to withhold the dubious contracts.

11 Prices of goods in online store are given in Polish zloty and include VAT (gross price).

12th Company CERAMICS issue a receipt or invoice VAT on purchased goods. To receive a VAT invoice must correctly fill in the data. If the invoice is to be issued to the company in the field of attention should be given no. NIP.

13 There is no possibility of receiving personal goods. The acquisition of goods in our online shop is pay shipping.

14 correctly placed order is confirmed via e-mail or telephone.

15 colors of bricks, cobblestones and tiles may differ slightly from that shown in the pictures.
Shipping methods, forms of transport
Principles of shipping goods ordered:

Deliveries are made within 3 working days after receipt of payment. Goods are sent in the Polish courier.
Shipping abroad is achieved through Courier Company after ordering costs.

Delivery of goods beyond the Polish borders is possible after ordering shipping costs. Please describe how the product and how much is needed. Please enter the postal code and the city name on the e-mail

Lieferung von Waren, die über die Grenzen Polnischen nach der Bestellung Versandkosten möglich. Sie bitte beschreiben knows und das product benötigt wird viel know. Bitte geben Sie die den Namen und Postleitzahl der Stadt auf dem

Доставка грузов за пределы польских границ можно после заказа стоимость доставки. Пожалуйста, опишите, как продукт и сколько требуется. Пожалуйста, введите почтовый индекс и название города на адрес электронной почты

Charges for packaging are included in the shipping costs. Transport costs are subject to change due to the weight of your shipment or the amount of goods ordered.

For each item ordered from the company CRH clinker will be added separate transport unit.

Products CRH clinker can not be combined with other products in one shipment.
Goods for shipment is properly packaged and protected.

Please check the shipment delivered in the presence of the courier

Any visible damage to the mechanical require transcribe the minutes, signed by the courier.

Delivery and unloading elevator are possible only in the case to allow the driver in such activities.

Courier can no longer be shipping a lift for soft and unpaved surfaces.

In the absence of a contact person in the place of delivery shop not cover the cost of any re-trial of the delivery.
Return of Goods

Return purchased goods can be made within 14 days from the date of sale. Returned goods can not carry signs of use and may be returned only in the original packaging intact. The shipping cost associated with returning the goods lies with the buyer.


Order status and shipment

You can keep the check on the status of the contract:

     If the contract created an account - check the status by logging.
     If you are not expected to participate Account - find without logging status of the contract.
     (quoting the order number and your e-mail address).